Product Testimonial
I used all brands when I owned my Roland. When I replaced it with a Graphtech in 2009. I only Purchased blades from you, just now have we needed to replace them. Your blades are definitely outlasting any other blade I have used. Your Blades are Top Notch! Thank You.
Paul DeArdo Graphics Winterville, Ohio
Envision 45° The two blades I ordered from you two years ago are the only two I have ordered or used in the last two years AND I use the heck out of my cutter. I am a vinyl shop and my cutter is my bread and butter! Keep doing what you are doing because I came back and will continue to!!! Ted Wilson III, President, T3 Signs Inc
Roland Thank you for Great service and a Great Product.

Anine Colaire, NickerStickers

Ionline 45


Beckey Haney Me-TooWest

P-Cut 45° You guys are awesome! I use a cheapo Creation P-Cut cutter. The blades that came with it made me think that I had made a seriously bad purchase. Your blades have turned my cutter into a cuttin' monster. I will never use another blade... I PROMISE! Best regards, Robb Keele,